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Reflection & Prayer:

Reflection & Prayer:
Run, Run, Run that’s all I seem to do these days. We all get so caught up in our lives, in the lives of our friends, and in our community that we forget sometimes to just stop and reflect. In my life, reflection also includes prayer (yes even as a gay man).  I recently found myself with more alone time on my hands, which is not a bad thing, but can feel lonely. I realized that I had lost some of the core values that I carry in my life which include reflecting on situations, praying for guidance and clarity. In the gay world you don’t hear people talking as much about prayer however we all need it and we just have to take time to do it. I feel that the message sometimes is cloudy because of peoples’ belief systems that we are not going to “heaven” or God does not love us. Are we not all his children? As we look for equality to change we should also look within for our own reflection of our life and our path. I have found more clarity in taking time to reflect, meditate and pray. Remember how powerful words are and the impact that they have on each individuals life. I don’t want to find myself in the rat race of popularity and partying. I want to enjoy the wonderful world and things around me. As the old saying goes “Stop and Smell the roses”, sometimes we need to do just that. You will find you add value to everyone and every thing around you.

Words Hurt

As I start to see the “Pride” Events and Celebrations happening across our great country, I also see the protests begin again.
It’s funny when I see signs that say “God Hates You”, ” God Hates Gays/Fags”, I first think man if my Great Grandma was alive she would wash your mouth out with soap so quick! It didn’t matter what rights she believed in, she wouldn’t let anyone talk ugly about another person. I am amazed that anyone can be so ugly and so disrespectful. Remember the saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.” Unfortunately, it seems like that’s changed as well. Now it’s “If you don’t have anything ugly to say then you don’t have anything to say.”
Pride is a positive stance against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people to promote their self-affirmation, dignity, equality rights. It also, increases their visibility as a social group, community and celebrates their diversity. We all live under the same sky, see the same sun, the same moon and the same stars.
It brings me to another saying during this time, “Sticks and Stones may break my bones but Words will never hurt me.” This saying is not correct because its words that are fueled with hatred that keep myself and many others from having the same rights as everyone else. These words are causing actions to be taken against me as a Gay Man. I am just like everyone else. I have two beautiful children whom I have raised to love and embrace everyone. I have a job, a house, friends and also my faith that God loves me just as He does everyone else.
 I ask everyone whether you’re gay, straight, transgender… or just a person (like the rest of us) to join in the celebration of diversity in your area. Go out and show love, respect and for heaven’s sake have some fun!!
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